Dedicated to the safety of our workers, community and environment

A Comprehensive Approach to Safety

Safety was built into the Wink to Webster Pipeline and guides how we operate it. Safety is a fundamental value of every person who works on the Wink to Webster Pipeline. After all, we live and work in the same communities you do.

Safety was built into the Wink to Webster Pipeline System and guides how we operate it.


The Wink to Webster Pipeline System was designed and built with safety as the primary consideration.

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Wink to Webster Pipeline System strives for flawless performance concerning the safety of our operations, employees, contractors, neighbors and the environment.

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Here’s how you can help us keep our pipeline safe:

Before you dig, call 811: Prior to starting work on any project near land marked by a pipeline maker, call 811 – at least 48 hours prior to digging. The calls are free and required by law. Every digging job requires a call (even small projects like planting trees or shrubs) to protect your safety and that of your neighbors.

Keep rights-of-way obstruction-free: Please keep any rights-of-way on or near your property clear of obstructions. Do not dig, build, store, place or plan anything on a pipeline right-of-way that might hinder access when maintenance is required or during emergencies.

Report potential problems: Please report any unusual sounds or smells or suspicious activity to our 24/7 emergency number, 1-800-537-5200. Contact us at any time with your concerns.