Pipeline Safety

Wink to Webster Pipeline LLC is committed to designing, constructing, operating and maintaining a safe and reliable pipeline system. We will meet or exceed safety, design, construction and operating standards throughout the project.

Wink to Webster Pipeline system will have:

  • A route developed and constructed to minimize the impact to the environment, landowners and the public
  • New domestic line pipe manufactured to meet or exceed industry standards and specifications
  • X-ray examination of all pipeline welds during construction to verify integrity prior to placing the line into service
  • Installation at greater depths than required to reduce the risk of third-party damage
  • Internal and external integrity assessments prior to and after placing the pipeline into service
  • A 24/7/365 monitoring and control system that uses sophisticated computers, alarms and other technologies designed to immediately implement protective measures
  • A cathodic protection system designed to guard against corrosion and help ensure its ongoing integrity
  • Regular aerial surveillance and ground patrols of the line once in operation


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