Focused on minimizing impact

Wink to Webster is committed to conducting its pipeline system in a safe, reliable and environmentally responsible manner.

Our efforts began with choosing the pipeline route. As part of the route selection process, we evaluated a number of factors including looking for opportunities to minimize disruption to the environment and local communities. This route was designed to avoid environmentally sensitive areas and population centers and parallels existing infrastructure as much as practicable. Co-locating the pipeline with other infrastructure, such as highways, railroads or other pipelines, allows the route to take advantage of previously disturbed areas, that have already seen construction activity. In addition, engineering studies were used to determine the best places to locate remote-controlled pipeline valves to help maintain the safe operation of the pipeline system.

During construction, to avoid affecting shorelines and major bodies of water, horizontal directional drilling was used to install the pipeline starting from a good distance from the shoreline and drilling well under the body of water.

While operating the pipeline system, our number one priority is to maintain the safety of the environment, community and everyone who works on the pipeline. We monitor the pipeline’s operations 24/7, maintain systems designed to prevent corrosion, conduct periodic inspections and seek to comply with all applicable safety laws and regulations.


Dedicated to the safety of our workers, community and environment.

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